GOYA – 777(2013)

goyaNot many things can be said about GOYA’s blasphemous debut that’s not already covered by the thundering reviews out there. This is probably the one record that shouldn’t have passed under my radar. In any case, here I am to make sure that even the last mother fu**er on this planet doesn’t neglect this record. Arizona’s unholy trinity, melt ELECTRIC WIZARD, BLACK SABBATH and SLEEP on a witch’s brew with water from river Styx, then take what’s made, put it on a bong and smoke that shit along with Demons from Mars. This is some seriously fu**ed up and heavy shit we are dealing with. Simply put, this kind of mind blowing riffage in combination with the epic proportions leads is probably the best thing I’ve heard since “Witchcult Today”. Vocals have the trademark Jus Oborne vibe while the drug-praising, Satan worshiping lyrics balance exceptionally between humor and horror. To that, add the most LSD-fu**ed up cover since BONGRIPPER’s “Satan Worshiping Doom” and you get an instant cult classic of a record. Forever dead, forever stoned baby!



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