DRUGLORD – “Enter Venus”(2014)

Druglord-Enter-VenusWhen it comes to creating hype STB records knows the name of the game. Special packaging, extra limited versions, aggressive promotion and poof…those LP’s are gone in no time! Of course, it’s not a big secret that they also know how to recruit the best of new talents out there and DRUGLORD are seriously talented. If you ever loved anything about the self-destructive nature of the first ELECTRIC WIZARD albums then you’ve just hit the bull’s-eye. Everything screams like a filthier, younger version of ELECTRIC WIZARD, although these guys are not the typical “tribute” kind of band. Spaced out vocals, slow punishing drums, heavily distorted guitars, LSD solos, destructive bass lines… “Enter Venus” has it all… well, except of a better suiting cover art. Nothing too original, but I guess you figured that from the band name already. Nothing too fancy either but please someone explain why I love the pessimistic aura of “Feast on the Eye” and the devastating sound of “Grievous Heaving”. The sad thing is that “Enter Venus” is short! It practically ends as soon as it starts. It’s hardly half an hour long. That’s its weakness and my main objection. On the other hand who can say no to a short trip to Hell and back? Don’t trust the hype, trust your ears.




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