BLOOD FARMERS – Headless Eyes (2014)

402207It seems that when I decide to take a break from the blogsphere the whole universe conspires and bands throw out killer albums one after another. So, here I am again and what’s this? Am I dreaming or the impossible happened?

This is no joke! BLOOD FARMERS did actually release their second full length! I guess good things need time, but 10 years in the making may be a bit too much even for a lazy-ass Doom band.

So, the most underrated and overlooked doom band ever, returns with “Headless Eyes” and trust me when I say that everything you ever loved about BLOOD FARMERS is here, along with some new tricks these boys picked up during their hiatus.

From the first notes of “Gut Shot” you’ll remember what these guys were about: Iommian solos, monster-track sized riffs, hypnotising speeds, horror atmosphere in the vein of “House of 1000 Corpses” movie… Yeah! That’s classic BLOOD FARMERS. The first surprise comes in the form “Night of the Sorceress”, the second instrumental track, which besides a Hammond organ dares to include some (almost) folk sounding passages in the intro. I don’t know how they do it, but in the end, it sounds nothing else rather than BLOOD FARMERS. Yet, the first big WTF comes right in the album closer. “The Road Leads to Nowhere” is the only track that I wouldn’t really expect from BLOOD FARMERS. This one is a new kind of poison and serves as the best proof of the band’s evolution during their absence from the scene. Totally addictive. Absolutely haunting. This gotta be one of the best closers I’ve heard for so long.

Without overdoing it, BLOOD FARMERS manage to sound both executional-wise contemporary, and style-wise classic! We love “Headless Eyes”! Why? Because we are twisted…because we are sick!



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