THE WOUNDED KINGS – Consolamentum(2014)

the-wounded-kings-consolamentumOne can expect nothing less than a solid album from the most consistent Doom band of this decade. Yet, with “Consolamentum” THE WOUNDED KINGS unleash their darkest and most atmospheric opus upon the world. Continuing from where “In the Chapel of the Black Hand” left off, this work sounds so compact as if it was a concept album. With each track “Consolamentum” wakes up a new nightmare. Funeral-like tempo, haunting riffs, massive, muddy guitars and Sharie Neyland evoking eldritch darkness with her cold voice. Yes, this is a seven track journey to Hell and back. Some may say that “Consolamentum” is lacking variation. Some may argue that it feels like “In the Chapel of the Black Hand” part II. I’d like to believe that “Consolamentum” sums up what THE WOUNDED KINGS is all about: mesmerizing Doom from murkiest corners of the underworld. As much as I love the band’s previous works I am afraid, I have to bow to the unholy beauty of her majesty, Consolamentum.



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