THE GRAVIATORS – Motherload(2014)

the-graviators-motherloadWhile the modern rock scene is flooding with “retro” bands every once in a while artists like THE GRAVIATORS pop up and redefine the term. Well, “redefine” may be pushing it for a band that’s into recycling (in a good sense) but the Swedish quartet sure brings its own style to the game. 2012’s “Evil Deeds” marked their slight twist from the more stoner based roots of the S/T debut towards more gloomy, doom-laden realms. People loved it. I did too. “Motherload” their third full length, doesn’t shy away from experimentation. It’s full 70’s riffs but also some bluesy passages, psychedelic parts and eastern influences. At the same time it has that modern, metallic sound. Somewhere around “Lost Lord” is where the album lifts off. Indeed, the second half of the album carries on in much darker, much slower pace and it’s full of great hooks. Niklas Sjöberg’s singing style is once more the main attraction. Along with Anders Manga from BLOODY HAMMERS, they are probably the most recognizable throats in the business right now. I’ll be honest here. I didn’t enjoy “Motherload” more than “Evil Deeds” or even more than their S/T. Yet, with nine tracks and no fillers or bad moments the album is on the year’s essential listening list.



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