DOCTOR CYCLOPS – Oscuropasso(2014)

DOCTOR-CYCLOPS-OscuropassoGloomy Blues, Proto-Doom, Jazz, Hard Rock and…whatever comes in mind. It seems that DOCTOR CYCLOPS have their way and “Oscuropasso” signifies the return of the Italian retro-trio with another big slab of totally uncanny, yet magnificent, hard music. The term retro is a bit overused lately and in this case I am afraid it’s not enough to describe the spectrum of influences this band has. You see DOCTOR CYCLOPS don’t try to merely replicate a vintage style the way WITCHCRAFT or GRAVEYARD do (in an excelent way I have to add). In fact, although they are inspired by 70’s rock they never shy away from more a modern aroma on their sound. In that sense, a more accurate comparison would be CATHEDRAL (especially their second era). I don’t know maybe it’s the strong theatrical vibe this album has, the humorous lyrics, the awesomely psychedelic cover, or the semi operatic album closer. Much like the British pioneers, the album is so unconventional that it ends up freaky and so freaky that it ends up a totally mind-blowing psychedelic experience. Dig this one…



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