FALL OF AN EMPIRE – Songs of Steel and Sorrow(2014)

a1874196702_10From South Carolina they come to offer nothing less than good ol’ Southern Rock magic. I wish I had more info about FALL OF AN EMPIRE but this is as much as know about them. One can recognize many influences in their style but the band does an excellent job reminding all the legendary ones and no one in particular. Memorable, heavy bluesy riffs back to back, are supported by amazing whiskey soaked vocals (no doubt the singer has a damn great throat). The lyrics give you food for thought too and they seem to come from the heart. For the ones who still think that “Songs of Steel and Sorrow” is an Epic Metal album I’ll try to make it clear: This is the definition of honest, bad ass Rock ‘n Roll in its purest form. No special effects, no artificial flavors, nothing fancy except from seven monster tracks. Satisfaction guaranteed for fans of THE HEAVY EYES, BLACK COWGIRL and EGYPT (or anyone who likes good music).



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